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Skill Development Training (SDT) in Community Pharmacy – an international experiential model for D Pharm / B Pharm / Pharm D graduates

General information

Venue – Community Pharmacy in Mysuru

Duration – 03 months (576 hrs.)

Who can join: D. Pharm / B. Pharm graduates or final year students after the year-end 

Salient Features

  • Present Training is inadequate to practice
  • Low employability
  • Low confidence & motivation
  • Low Performance
  • Quality services – Dispense , counsel patients & DI services
  • Participate in Health care programs as a TEAM
  • Specialized care for Diabetes, Hypertension, etc
  • Preventive care management
  • OTC drugs & Pharmacist only medicines
  • Provide health screening services
  • Establish training environment
  • Communicate effectively
  • Tailor training to suit trainee needs
  • Share training responsibilities
  • Keep training & review encounters brief & crisp
  • Broaden trainee responsibilities gradually
  • Shall not work independently, but work under the supervision of the preceptor
  • Acquire skills under supervision, so that s/he will become capable of functioning independently.
  • Report on time, stay back if necessary, take initiative to learn
  • Write Daily Reflective Dairy at the end of the day on all days & take sign of preceptor
  • Wear name badge & white apron compulsorily on all days
  • Ask at least 05 new questions daily in the morning , find answers to them & record in reflective dairy
  • Sign undertaking about expectations, duties & noncompliance & consequences

At the end of SDT in community pharmacy the student will be able to

    • Explain OTC and prescription drugs
    • Understand the technique of Patient counselling about common ailments and their Management
    • Describe storage, accounting and book keeping
    • Identify different Drug information (DI) services
    • Explain laws, policies and procedures for dispensing controlled substances as per the      guidelines
    • Explain the spectrum of health care choices available to patients in relation to community pharmacy

At the end of SDT in community pharmacy experience the student shall be able to

  • Dispense Over The Counter (OTC) and prescription drugs
  • Provide Patient counselling about common ailments and their Management
  • Provide DI services

At the end of SD T in community pharmacy experience the student shall be able to

  • Engage in self-directed and life-long learning activities for personal or professional development.
  • Practice in a legal and ethical manner.
  • Work effectively with others as a member or leader of an inter-disciplinary health care team or other professional group.
  • Provide empathetic and patient-focused care to patients from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Solve medication or treatment related problems and develop appropriate pharmaceutical care plans through evidence-based decisions.
  • Communicate effectively with patients, their family members and other health professionals.
  • Develop positive attitude in community pharmacy
  • Exhibit desirable skills in procedures for dispensing prescription, non-prescription and medical equipment in community pharmacy
  • Implement ethical principles in making fair decisions related to work

Skill Development Training (SDT) in Community Pharmacy for Pharmacy diploma/degree holders

  • Application for Skill development in Community Pharmacy shall be filled by interested graduates and mailed to
    hesdarcenter@gmail.com before March
  • Selection will be based on Merit/Experience (if any)/ Aptitude test at the center on 4th March 2018 (Sunday) and will be
    restricted to a max of 10-12 candidates only
  • Training for selected candidates shall commence from May till July (12 weeks x 6days x 8h = 576h) including continuous
    assessments (1 quiz, 1 assignment, 1 field work (60Marks)) and end module assessment (Seminar / Viva and written exam
  • Grading will be as per international norms & guidelines
  • End module exam and certificate distribution on August or convenient date for successful candidates. Failed candidates
    (<70%) shall repeat the SDT module and retake the exam within 01 month.
  • SDT will be in Mysuru city only.
  • 10% concession for distinction (above 75%) in the previous exam in Pharmacy, will be given for limited number (10%) of

Payment through bank only

  • Selected candidates (Indian) shall pay a fee of Rs. 5000/- to HESDAR center in March by electronic transfer, Google pay etc.
  • A/C name: HESDAR Center,
  • Other details for electronic transfer – Canara bank, Shakthi Nagar, Mysuru-570019, Karnataka
  • A/C 2981201000194, IFSC CNRB0002981
  • One time registration fee INR – 1000/-.
  • Total Fee Rs. 5000 + 1000 = 6000/-
  • Email – hesdarcenter@gmail.com